Inflatabes, Games, and Attractions
Take a look at our inflatables and games for your next event!

Kids' Challenge

Click photo to see the Kids' Challenge in action! Kids' Challenge

In this inflatable obstacle course, kids enter a world of barbell obstacles, basketball hoops, rock climbing, slides and a teeter totter!
Space Requirements: 37' L x 31' W x 16' H

Surf N Slide

Click photo to see the Surf N Slide in action! Surf N Slide

This wet slide is 30 feet of slick aquatic action, with an inflated end wall that keeps all the primo surfing contained. Guests will be lining up to shred some waves!
Space Requirements: 30' L x 9' W x 7' H

Wacky World

Click photo to see the Wacky World in action! Wacky World

This inflatable has lots of space for kids to run, climb, crawl, hopscotch, slide, jump, dodge, squeeze, twist, and play hopscotch and twister.
Space Requirements: 28' L x 29' W x 14' H

Dual-Lane Slide

Click photo to see the Dual-Lane Slide in action! Dual-Lane Slide

22-feet long, this slide features two slide lanes to entertain twice as many people. Great for larger events and town festivals.
Space Requirements: 32' L x 20' W x 22' H

Bouncer of Monkeys

Click photo to see the Bouncer of Monkeys in action! Bouncer of Monkeys

This inflatable play area lets the kids go wild! Perfect for festivals, picnics, and parties. Holds up to 8 kids at a time.
Space Requirements: 24' L x 20' W x 18' H

Chuggy Choo Choo

Click photo to see the Chuggy Choo Choo in action! Chuggy Choo Choo

This train is great for the younger ones at your event! With lots of space to explore inside, this one will be very popular.
Space requirements: 50' L x 10' W x 10' H


Click photo to see the Atlantis in action! Atlantis

Our NEWEST mega-moonbounce, the Atlantis offers a giant dolphin to greet you, two large bounce areas, a giant slide and pop-up sharks! Be sure to reserve this giant bounce playland early!
Space Requirements: 24' L x 29' W x 15' H

Adrenaline Rush

Click photo to see the Adrenaline Rush in action! Adrenaline Rush

Our biggest addition, the Adrenaline Rush was the first 360° obstacle course in the world! Intense and challenging, this game is sure to get your heart pumping! Challenge a friend to see who can make it to one end and back the fastest!
Space Requirements: 40' L x 27' W x 16' H

Jurassic Adventure

Click photo to see the Jurassic Adventure in action! Jurassic Adventure

One of the newest inflatables on the market, the Jurassic Adventure is a mega-moonbounce. As many as twenty-five participants can climb aboard to bounce, slide, and climb on the different “adventures” found in the Jurassic playland. Certain to provide many a thrill, call early to ensure this inflatable is available for your festival or fun day!
Space Requirements: 24' L x 29' W x 15' H

Moon Bounce

Click photo to see the Moon Bounce in action! Moon Bounce

Traditional festival fun available in a variety of types and sizes. You cannot have an event without one of these! Our moonbounces are new, safe, and very eye-catching!
Space Requirements: 15'L x 15' W x 15' H

Bungee Run

Click photo to see the Bungee Run in action! Bungee Run

Always a popular attraction, the Bungee Run has provided fun for years! Two participants, guided by an attendant, each wear a harness connected to a super elastic bungee cord. At the sound of the whistle the two take off, Velcro baton in hand, to see who can run the farthest against the pull of the bungee cord! The winner is the one who places the baton the farthest down the track. As the cords stretch to their limits, the competitors spring back against the soft inflatable wall.
Space Requirements: 37' L x 11' W

Tower Slide

Click photo to see the Tower Slide in action! Tower Slide

And you thought the regular inflatable slide was exciting? Wait until the Tower Slide is presented to the group at your event! The Tower Slide takes the slide to another level of fun. This 36 foot long slide dwarfs all other inflatables on the market! Participants climb to the top of this imposing tower and slide down the enclosed cylindrical track. A most unconventional inflatable, the Tower Slide is safe and fun for ages 6 and up.
Space Requirements: 22' L x 22' W x 36' H

Dunk Tank

Click photo to see the Dunk Tank in action! Dunk Tank

This ever-popular Dunk Tank is the largest and safest tank on the market. It's sure release trigger mechanism activates every time, making for some great entertainment for your next gathering!

Inflatable Joust

Click photo to see the Inflatable Joust in action! Inflatable Joust

This interactive attraction is great for all ages, especially teenagers and adults. Two competitors enter the "battle zone," don their protective headgear and try to knock the other off the pedestal using padded batons. Last one standing is the winner.
Space Requirements: 20' L x 20' W x 4' H

Cash Cube

Click photo to see the Cash Cube in action! Cash Cube

Step inside and see how much real money you can grab! You'll be racing against the clock so you have to move fast. This game will really add excitement to your event.

Inflatable Basketball

Click photo to see the Inflatable Basketball in action! Inflatable Basketball

See if you can out shoot the other competitors at your event! New to our inventory, this great game is always popular with the basketball fans!
Space Requirements: 15' L x 15' W x 15' H

Bouncy Boxing

Click photo to see the Bouncy Boxing in action! Bouncy Boxing

Who will be the next Big-Glove Boxing Champ of the World? Contenders duke it out in this inflatable boxing ring just like the pro's. This is the safest arena on the market, and still gives spectators the feeling of being ringside!
Space Requirements: 25' Diameter

Golf Game

Click photo to see the Golf Game in action! Golf Game

Can you hit the golf ball like Tiger? Put your ability to the test with the Long Drive Challenge! On this attraction you drive the golf ball into an enclosed netting. After driving the ball the yardage shows up on the display. The longest drive is the winner and you do not even have to pick up the balls!
Space Requirements: 20' L x 12' W x 15' H

Speed Pitch

Click photo to see the Speed Pitch in action! Speed Pitch

Think you're Fernando Valenzuela? See if you can out toss the other competitors at your event! With this great attraction you are given three pitches and try to either guess the speed of your third pitch or throw it the fastest. Always popular with the baseball and softball fans!
Space Requirements: 10' L x 15' W x 10' H

Princess Combo Bounce

Click photo to see the Princess Combo Bounce in action! Princess Combo Bounce

The perfect bounce house for your princess’s party. This slide club combo bounce house offers a play area and slide for your little tike’s event.

Kiddie Korner

Click photo to see the Kiddie Korner in action! Kiddie Korner

Children of elementary age are challenged with obstacles to climb through and over, finishing with a slide. This is a great inflatable rental piece for school and church events.

Tunnel Bounce Combo

Click photo to see the Tunnel Bounce Combo in action! Tunnel Bounce Combo

This piece offers another variation on a bounce house. Offers a play area, climbing obstacles, and a slide exit.

Punt Pass Kick

Click photo to see the Punt Pass Kick in action! Punt Pass Kick

Perfect game unit for sports fans. Includes a football toss game, a basketball shot, and a soccer kick game.

Wacky Throne

Click photo to see the Wacky Throne in action! Wacky Throne

A perfect photo opportunity for capturing the beaming smiles of royalty of any age! The Wacky Throne is a vividly colorful inflatable chair with visually stunning settings that young and old alike will genuinely enjoy having their pictures taken on. Fits almost anywhere.

High Striker

Click photo to see the High Striker in action! High Striker

Are you strong enough to ring the bell? Prove it by taking a whack at the High Striker! This game continues to be a crowd pleaser and is one that will add the old time carnival feel to your event.

Small Carnival Games

Click photo to see the Small Carnival Games in action! Small Carnival Games

We have a variety of smaller carnival games to add to your event! Fun for all ages, below are some examples. Games include prizes, tents, tables, and attendants if needed. Space requirements are minimal.
Space Requirements: Minimal

Special Equipment

Click photo to see the Special Equipment in action! Special Equipment

Diesel Generators and Light Towers