Who We Are And How We Got Here

Our Story

Sometimes the path you start down isn’t necessarily the one you end up on-as was the case for brothers, Will and Kris Kirksey.  Soon after graduating from Furman University, Will began a job as a human resources manager. Meanwhile, Kris was finishing his undergraduate degree from the University of South Carolina and was exploring employment opportunities.

Kris, a talented baseball player with a knack for pitching, had a baseball radar gun that he used to track the speed of his pitches.  This was a novelty at the time and he was often solicited to bring the radar gun to baseball jamborees. They started volunteering their radar gun but later, upon the recommendation of their dad, decided to turn it into a game to take to local festivals.  The concept was simple, but hugely successful, with patrons paying to guess the speed of their pitch. With the game’s increase in popularity and demand, Will and Kris decided to take it on the road starting with the upstate of South Carolina. They quickly expanded to include the entire  state and added Charlotte and Atlanta also, with plenty of small towns in between. They increased their inventory, beginning with the Orbitron ride, but inflatables and all kinds of other rides and amusements weren’t far behind.

Twenty years later, what began as a simple side gig has now turned into a thriving business as one of the leading amusement providers in the Southeast!  This is due in large part to the hard work, good service, focus on safety, and strong value that Will and Kris prioritize with every customer. No, this wasn’t the intended path, but what a rewarding path it has been and continues to be!

Our Team

Headshot of Will Kirksey
Will Kirksey


Headshot of Kris Kirksey
Kris Kirksey


Our Mission

Provide safe, high-quality attractions for festivals, company picnics, school carnivals, and church events.

Our Promise

We will do our very best to make your function the very best!

Our Values

Providing an on-time, safe, professionally administered service for all types of functions and events.

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