Middle and High School

We’ve got rides, games, and inflatables for the bigger kids, too! Especially as they get older, students get more discerning about the fun they want to have. We have rides and inflatables for rent that will be a blast, even for the students who it often seems like can’t be pleased!

Will and Kris Amusements, Kirksey Amusements

The Spinner

Check out The Spinner! This dizzying devil is a thrill for guests of all ages and sizes!
Will and Kris Amusements, Kirksey Amusements

Way Out Swing

The Way Out Swing seats 20 and is a blast for all ages: perfect for town festivals, company picnics, and schools or universities.

Fun House

Jackson's Barnyard Fun House is an exciting mini-adventure for kids! Climb, run, and slide to victory!
Rapid Slide

Rapid Slide

The Rapid Slide is a fun, fast-paced ride that's sure to keep guests of all ages pumped up to ride again and again!
Rock Wall game for climbing

Rock Wall

The Rock Wall is our most popular attraction! Grab the attention of everyone around as your guests challenge themselves to climb this 24-foot-tall eye-catcher!
Tubs of Fun, a green and yellow spinning ride

Tubs of Fun

Have tons of fun on the Tubs of Fun! Let your guests spin twice as much on this amazing centerpiece ride for all ages!
The Dragonfly Swing, a blue and yellow swing ride with bench seats

Dragonfly Swing

Our most popular ride! The Dragonfly Swing is a fast blast of fun for kids, adults, and families; all at the same time!
Blue and yellow dunk tank

Dunk Tank

Pick up the Dunk Tank for your next event and let your employees or students have a great time sending their bosses or teachers plummeting into the drink!
Tijuana Twister, a red and orange spinning ride

Tijuana Twister

Twist and spin on the Tijuana Twister! Your guests of all ages will twist and shout with joy with this spicy spinner!
The Dual Lane slide features two full-sized slides

Dual Lane Slide

The Dual Lane Slide is an incredible piece to keep guests of all ages sliding and diving down it all day!
tall Tower Slide inflatable

Tower Slide

The Tower Slide is a biggest inflatable slide around! Towering at 36 feet in height, this monolith will dwarf every other amusement in sight!
The Adrenaline Rush, a competitive obstacle course inflatable

Adrenaline Rush

The Adrenaline Rush is an intense, competitive obstacle for older kids and adults featuring running, diving, jumping, and climb in a head-to-head race!
Test of Strength game, High Striker

High Striker

The Carnival Classic! Test your strength and let the bell ring out across your next event! The High Striker is popular with anyone who gives it a good WHACK!
Bungee Run, a competitive inflatable game

Bungee Run

The Bungee Run is sure to bring out the competitive side of both kids and adults! Let your guests go head-to-head then laugh themselves silly!
Inflatable joust arena

Inflatable Joust

Let your guests work out who's really on top by duking it out in our inflatable Joust arena! We'll bring the ring and poles to your competition-minded guests.
Inflatable boxing ring

Bouncy Boxing

Let your guests safely duke things out with our Bouncy Boxing inflatable boxing ring! Safe and fun and even includes inflatable gloves to complete the experience!
Punt Pass Kick, an inflatable three-lane sports play area

Punt Pass Kick

Pass a football, shoot a basketball, and score a soccer goal all at once with the Punt Pass Kick! This inflatable sports arena will keep those sports fans moving!
A terribly blurry image of the Whirlybird ride


The Whirlybird is a blast for the big kids that love to show off their strength, energy, and nerve as they spin themselves silly!
The Dixieland Express Trackless Train with 3 passenger cars

Dixieland Trackless Train

The Dixieland Express Trackless Train is your go-to solution for a go-anywhere attraction or guest transportation!
popcorn and cotton candy being served under a tent


Don't forget concessions at your next festival or fundraiser! Popcorn, snowcones, and cotton candy will put a smile on everyone's faces!
Inflatable speed pitch game with radar gun

Speed Pitch

Are your guests ready to see who can walk the walk about how fast they can pitch baseball? Add this inflatable Speed Pitch and radar gun to find out the truth!
Collection of small-sized carnival games

Tabletop Carnival Games

Make sure to fill every corner of your event with fun! Our collection of tabletop-sized carnival games require minimal space and nicely fill out every space.
The Surf N' Slide, a two lane water slide inflatable

Surf N’ Slide

The Surf N' Slide is an awesome option for summer fun for all ages and features an inflated end wall for ensure safe landings!